30 DAY CUTTING STACK!! Lose 10lbs in 30 Days GUARANTEED!!


  • Lose 10lbs Guaranteed
  • All FDA approved products
  • Lose weight and look great!
  • Block the fat and sugar from your meals

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Product Description

One Bottle Each of Code Red, Orlistat, SLIN, Yohimbine, and Fat Burning Cream.

Our company SemperFit Nutrition guarantees that you are going to lose 10 lbs in 30 days through our fat losing products. We promise to return your money if you do not get a result from our products. No company will give such opportunity to you as we do.

If you buy all the products separately, it is going to cost you $162.95. But, buy all the products in a combo pack and it is going to cost you only $119.95. So, you can save lots of money.

This stack is approved by all FDA for providing the amazing fat cutting effect. It is the superior combo for losing weight. If you follow the instruction given below, you are going to lose the fat in 30 days.

Code Red: You should take one capsule in the early morning after you wake up and then with the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It will keep your body metabolism high and hot during the whole day and helps in losing fat throughout the day.

Orlistat: It is the only fat losing agency that is approved by the FDA. You should take one capsule with each meal. The fat that you intake with a meal will bind with this supplement and prevent the body from absorbing it. So, your body will be able to lose fat 50% faster.

Diabloz: Only two capsules daily can increase the metabolism power and burn the fat inside the body.

Yohimbine: One capsule with each meal is what it requires. It increases the heating capacity of the body and burns the excessive fat to give the user a perfect slim trim body.

Fat Burning Cream: You have to apply the cream on your thighs and midsection of the body. This cream tightens the loose skin and made the fat to automatically disappear under the skin.  You can get back your toned look in just 30 days.

For extra weight loss, add 200-400mg per day of DNP and/or 50-100mcg per day of T3

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